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We provide mentors, coaches, training, connections to investors, advice, events and space to some great companies!

BLOOM.SPACE is home to a group of nice, dedicated, like-minded people who want to help you learn about, start or grow your business! We've all created businesses ourselves and are here to help you avoid some of the mistakes if we can, as well as connect you to our network, help bring a new perspective and provide a nice space for your business to bloom!

We've incubated over 40 startups with over 100 people, helping create jobs, raise investment and assisting founders to avoid some of the pitfalls when starting and scaling.

We'll help you access talent from UCL, the UK's largest university and one of the world's best - it's right next door and some BLOOM.SPACE mentors have worked with the university for many years.

We have partner sites in Spain, France, Belgium, Kenya and Tokyo, which you can use are part of your membership. We're partners to the European Institute for Entrepreneurship and run similar programmes to them in the UK as Bloom Accelerate.

Madrid is home to the EIE and is a superb place to link to the Spanish speaking world. We work with experts in entrepreneurship there, as well as their Agri-tech companies producing premium tinned fish products -

BLOOM.SPACE is also home to Leave a Nest UK, offering grants to startup tech, science and engineering companies with products that make the world a better place.

Our rural business incubator, based in Great Malvern Worcestershire, will be open soon with support for startups and small businesses in the agri-tech sectors, cyber defence, blockchain technologies, Internet of Things and the wider rural economy.

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