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Bookboon was established in Denmark in 1988, under the name Ventus. Since its start, Bookboon has focused on publishing eBooks for students and business professionals. We continuously aim to set new standards in the world of modern publishing based on readers’ needs.

The world's fastest growing eBook publisher: Since 2005, Bookboon has experienced massive growth and is now the world’s largest eBook publisher. With its headquarters in London and Copenhagen, Bookboon also has offices in Stockholm, Amsterdam, Munich and Los Angeles. Bookboon's eBooks are published in 10 languages with 75 million books downloaded worldwide per year.

Our products

Bookboon's Corporate eLibrary:
The most used eLibrary for employee effectiveness & soft-skills.
Bookboon's eLibrary is the simplest and most effective solution for improving your employees’ personal effectiveness and soft skills. Read more at

Bookboon's Employer Branding:
Build a strong employer brand in your country!
No other employer branding media lets you target students, graduates & business professionals in your country as precisely and comprehensively as Bookboon. Read more at

Lead Generation with Bookboon:
Get more & better recruitment leads from your website. Build your Talent Pipeline with Bookboon’s tailor made content and recruitment hub. Convert visitors on your career site into recruitment prospects & engage them in dialogue. Read more at Premium for Business:
In the Premium section, Bookboon offers over 600 eBooks for business professionals that are also available as monthly subscription service with access to our Premium business eBooks. for students:
As a global eBook publisher, Bookboon offers a wide range of over 1,000 free textbooks for students.

The world of publishing is changing, and Bookboon’s ambition is to always stay one step ahead.

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