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Boutique Japan is a modern-day travel company. Our specialty is helping travelers who believe that travel is about unique memorable experiences not just sightseeing or checking items off a list. We meticulously arrange each trip around our travelers' unique interests ideal travel pace accommodation preferences and personal travel style.


About us

Japan is an endlessly fascinating country, but it can be challenging to explore and understand – even for the most experienced travelers.

That’s where we come in.

We’re here to help our clients get the absolute most out of their precious time in Japan, thanks to our in-depth Japan expertise, relationships throughout the country, and extensive firsthand experience.

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As Japan specialists, we don’t just “do” Japan. We live and breathe Japan, and want our clients to experience the Japan we know and love.

By devoting ourselves exclusively to Japan, we can offer a truly specialized and profound experience.


We’re Andres and Christina, founders of Boutique Japan.

With backgrounds in Japanese culture and language, customer experience, and the travel industry, we established Boutique Japan to help enthusiastic travelers experience this amazing country to the fullest.

When you contact Boutique Japan, you’ll work with one of us.

We’re obsessed with the details that go into making each trip the best it can be, and work closely with each client to ensure the most incredible Japan travel experience possible.

We admit, we love what we do and it certainly doesn’t feel like “work.” Our job is to experience the best Japan has to offer and share the gems we discover with each of our clients.

This means exploring Tokyo and Kyoto – and everywhere from Hokkaido to Okinawa – to stay in the best hotels and ryokans, spend time with local experts, sample new restaurants and old favorites – then sharing what we find with our travelers.

Andres Zuleta and Christina Soto of Boutique Japan Travel Company in Osaka Japan


If you’re as obsessed with the details as we are, chances are we will be a good fit. We’re obsessed with the little things, and passionate about helping travelers have incredible Japan experiences.

Because of our focus on personalized service and bespoke itineraries, we actively limit the number of trips we work on at any given time.

While this means we can’t accept every trip request we receive, it allows us to devote all our energy to crafting amazing experiences and giving each trip the personal love and attention it deserves.


It all began when Andres fortuitously signed up for a Japanese literature class while studying at Columbia University in New York.

He ended up loving the course so much that he decided to start studying the Japanese language, which ultimately become a lifelong passion.

Andres Zuleta a Japan Travel Specialist from Boutique Japan Travel Company


“I was the first of us to fall in love with Japan, though it happened almost by accident.

“I’d never had a special interest in Japan, but in college I signed up for a class on Japanese literature. I ended up loving it so much (my favorite book remains Essays in Idleness – the Donald Keene translation) that I decided to sign up for Japanese language classes, which ended up being even more interesting!

“In 2005, I decided to move from New York City to Tokyo to fully immerse myself in the Japanese culture and language.

“Admittedly, it took a while, but in 2009 I was fortunate enough to pass the most advanced level of the official Japanese-Language Proficiency Test.

“While living in Japan my explorations of the country began – I’ve had the chance to live in Tokyo and Kyoto, and travel from Hokkaido to Okinawa – and I continue to explore every corner of this amazing country.

“Living in Japan changed my life, and led me to want to dedicate my life to helping others really experience Japan, the way I have been able to do so.”

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Christina Soto a Japan Travel Specialist from Boutique Japan Travel Company in Naoshima Japan


Like Andres, Christina did not always have a particular interest in Japan. But as is so often the case, one trip was all it took to cause her to fall in love.

“Even though it always seemed intriguing from afar, it wasn’t until I met Andres that Japan began to fascinate me. I’ve always been an avid traveler, but Andres showed me aspects of Japan I didn’t realize existed, like cozy neighborhood izakayas and remote mountain onsen ryokans.

“I can clearly remember my first few days in Tokyo, feeling completely overwhelmed – and my first experience at a ryokan, where I fell in love with the tatami-lined room, the beautiful wooden building and onsen waters, and the unbelievable kaiseki dinner.

“I was blown away everyone’s friendliness and generosity, and after getting back home couldn’t stop thinking about the charming little bars and restaurants, and the food we’d had at izakayas and ryokans.

“But even though I’ve now traveled throughout Japan extensively, I still fully understand what it’s like to experience Japan as a ‘visitor.’ Andres has lived in Japan for years and speaks fluent Japanese, whereas I can still clearly remember the feeling of visiting Japan for the first time, and the magical combination of awe, disorientation and excitement.

“My love for Japan has continued to deepen through our extensive travels throughout the country.”

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