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BPUR International is a global campaign to enact an ‘International Treaty to Ban the Political Use of Religion’, which would be a crucial foundation to disarm extremism and eliminate the root causes of religious conflicts and discrimination worldwide.    The objective is to reinforce human rights, equality, democratic values, and the rule of law by introducing a global norm justifying new and more effective national laws and policies to help engender functioning societies, enhance stability, and pave the way for sustainable development across countless countries.   This initiative follows an inclusive approach, grounded in the utmost respect for all religions and personal beliefs, to introduce clear, precise, comprehensive and irrefutable international rules to prevent: 

 all political uses of religion that undermine human equality,  all religious discrimination in rights and duties,  all religious exclusions,  and all restrictions to freedom of religion or belief. 

This peace-making mission has a significant motion for resolution in the council of Europe, and has gathered inclusive official and legislative support in more than 80 countries, notably in the Middle East, Africa and Asia, where it is mostly needed because of the unique considerate approach to end the cycle of religious conflicts.  

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