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About us

Brickowner is an innovative new property crowdfunding platform which is transforming and disrupting the way people are able to invest in property.

Brickowner is an investment platform and exchange, enabling users to invest in property and subsequently sell their interest in the property through the Brickowner exchange. Whilst invested, users will benefit from their pro rata share of any rental income and growth from the value of the property.


The market is huge, offering exciting growth potential for the company. Brickowner will open up property investment and ownership to those that previously would not have been able to invest and own property, with the benefit and transparency of direct ownership.

Property equity crowdfunding is a new fast growing sector in the UK. We believe within 10 years peoples preferred choice for investing in property will be through platforms like Brickowner.

At Brickowner we will put you at the forefront of this disruptive property investment revolution.

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