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Butterfly Space (registered UK charity no.1148162) is a non-profit lodge and community project in Nkhata Bay, Northern Malawi.

Butterfly Space has hosted volunteers for over 12 years, and we aim to provide and encourage ethical volunteering and internships to respectfully work alongside and educate our community. There is an emphasis on exchanging knowledge and experience as projects are diverse and self-sustaining and are staffed by local people who work alongside volunteers.

We run a non-profit lodge offering all of the amenities necessary to host volunteers and make them as comfortable as possible during their stay, with accommodation charged at the lowest rate possible to cover costs. Other than this, we do not charge a fee for volunteering with us, so we can provide a unique and affordable experience for people wanting to join our community while enjoying the beautiful location on the lake and the warm Malawian culture.

We have a diverse range of ongoing projects, which can be found on our website. Volunteers are matched with the projects they are most passionate about and are encouraged to come with new ideas to make their mark. Volunteers will receive guidance and support both before they arrive and during their stay about the organisation, projects, travel advice, health and safety, and are welcomed to discuss, develop and implement new ideas, fundraise and provide ongoing support.

We are a community and we welcome anyone who wants to give, receive and share!

All of our projects are located around the Nkhata Bay district and Butterfly Space lodge is used as a hub to plan, discuss and debrief after a days volunteering, as well as to relax, socialize with locals, travelers and other volunteers while enjoying the lake's crystal clear waters and the surrounding lush permaculture gardens.

Around Nkhata Bay and the local area: Nkhata Bay is a 15 minute walk, and a bustling ferry port and market town, rich in culture and beautifully nestled into a beautiful bay on the lake shore. It is lively both during the day and in the evening, and is a very welcoming and safe hub for volunteers to explore.

Stats we are proud of

  • 1.

    MSPC won Lush Award Prize 2018 & 2021

  • 2.

    Stepping Stones International Primary School

  • 3.

    Vocational training Centres for People with Disabilities

  • 4.

    Community Radio Station, Nursery Schools, HIV support group

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