Careers at Byld

Welcome to the Corporate Venture Building revolution!

We are Byld. We build startups. From the ground up.

Byld is the first corporate venture builder in Spain. We build and co-found startups with corporations.

We are connectors: startups to corporations, people to their inner champions and singularities to their fitting challenges. We are building a sustainable, profitable company that is built to scale into something meaningful for the world.

Corporations and startups are actually complementaries and we combine their best attributes: a startup's agility, culture and flexibility with a corporation's reach, experience and resources.

Together we will create a new breed of startups, which will be far more competitive than their predecessors, and will be able to grow faster, dramatically improving survival rates and generating truly disruptive innovation while addressing markets' medium and long-term opportunities.

Last but not least, we are based in Madrid, one of the cities with the highest amount of sunny days in Europe, and with the highest amount of bars per capita, 175 - which makes lives a bit better every day :)

Stats we are proud of

  • 1

    Startup sold to Hotusa Group

  • 4

    Startups with Carrefour

  • 3

    New corporations in 1st year: Coca-Cola, Porsche, Vodafone

  • 8

    High-talented people in our team

Behind the scenes