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Carbon Level Innovation – Balanced Business – as consultants we are at our best when we see results coming in, change happening. So a lot of what we do is focused on the intensely practical area of carbon balancing, positive action on business carbon footprints – and the immediate impact it has when done well. We can calculate your business carbon footprint, recommend carbon reduction plans, identify an inspiring forest community for your business to work with, provide carbon balanced certification, and then capture the impact with powerful communications tools. 

Project Communications – Micro-documentaries – our quest for results is also part of the reason we run a team that make micro-documentaries. These support our forest peoples projects and other high innovation sustainability projects. They enable smaller projects who lack a comms team to communicate with impact investors.

If people can watch a short film and really ‘get’ a project as well as feel inspired, then it reduces perceived risk and brings people together. We love this work. It feels like each film is a seed that many people can pick up and plant and then a whole new tribe can see the tree grow.

Cultural Narratives – there is also the longer road to explore on the way to sustainable, aligned business. Bigger companies are embracing sustainability from the top, but there is a disconnect between top level aspiration and the challenge of embedding sustainability throughout the business. While sustainability metrics, KPIs and carbon levels are important in this, it’s in people’s levels of energy and inspiration where the gamechanger lies waiting…and the stories we tell ourselves, the narrative we are playing is crucial here. During 2017, we are exploring new work in this area.

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