Careers at CambridgeSpace

About us

Founded in 2016, CambridgeSpace, is a a community and a work-space originally hosted by 100 houses society in Chesterton.

Now based at Cambridge University Rugby Club on Grange road, Cambridge, CambridgeSpace is a hub for collaborative co-working, an area for creative, innovative and social entrepreneurs to inspire others to build their futures. We aim to make a big impact in the business community as Cambridge is the innovation powerhouse for the UK, a veritable hot spot for creative thoughts and actions.

Our vision...

to inspire people to build and grow

collaborate with co-workers, experts in their field

promote learning as a foundation for innovation

use workshops and events to develop solutions

be at the centre of the fusion of the creative, social and technological revolution

The provision of collaborative co-working has come about with the formation of a strong founding team, experts who are passionate about enabling change. We have established a supporter network across the University of Cambridge, Anglia Ruskin University, and prominent community working groups.

Our own community includes associations with over 2,400 Cambridge-based creative thinkers and innovators and is supported by the THINK School of Creative Leadership, based in Amsterdam, Vancouver and Lisbon. CambridgeSpace is also supported by, CamCreatives

Behind the scenes