Carfax Education Baku

Carfax Education Baku

Careers at Carfax Education Baku

For private clients in Azerbaijan and the rest of the Caspian, "Carfax"​ offers British and American tutors. We also offer help and advice on preparation and entry into the best British, Swiss, and American schools as well as leading UK and US universities.

Consultants work to develop a unique and personalised academic path, incorporating all support necessary to assist pupils as they progress through their schooling. Following an in-depth academic assessment and consultation, "Carfax"​ can provide candid, appropriate and targeted recommendations, in a wide range of academic contexts.

Supported by the wider "Carfax Education Group"​, consultants can draw up a system of academic support, including the possibility of long-term tuition at the specialist Tutorial Establishment in Oxford. Tuition can also, on request, be provided for pupils anywhere in the world, ensuring that they fulfil their academic potential.

For families relocating to Baku, "Carfax"​ assists with choice of schooling available here and helps secure places at Baku's oversubscribed schools before their arrival. In addition, "Carfax"​ has a number of services for corporate clients, ranging from organizing corporate training, to consulting on establishing international schools and nurseries, to recruiting exceptional teachers and developing new projects.

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