CasaSito Association

CasaSito Association

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Create opportunities for Guatemalan youth to achieve their academic, personal and professional potential, so that they can transform their future.


To be an association that provides youth with a development program that is both human and professional, in a family atmosphere.


Transparency and honesty - in the manner in which we manage our funds.

Respect – for the dignity of our scholars and their families

Solidarity and empathy for our scholars and their families. We always take into account the wellbeing of our participants.

A sense of self-improvement – both within the staff and the youth. Self-evaluation and the desire to grow and improve, which means effort and constant work.

A sense of pertinence- we create an environment were all (participants, staff, volunteers, and donors) feel affection and that they are part of our mission.

Social consciousness – being aware of reality and pose solutions


Founder Alice So Fong Lee had previously worked in Guatemala and fell in love with the people and culture, who made her feel welcomed and at home. Alice and her husband Greg Schwendinger made the decision to make the land of eternal spring their permanent residence.

With passion, commitment, and knowledge of successful development strategies in Africa and Latin America, they saw an opportunity to support educational projects in Guatemala and together they formed CasaSito Association.

The name CasaSito comes from two words - "Casa" or home because Alice and Greg wanted to create a place where everyone feels at home. "Sito" because it is the name of a small, but powerful motorbike engine. They wanted to establish a small, close-knit organization, that has a deep impact in the communities in which it works.

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