Central Research Laboratory

Central Research Laboratory

Careers at Central Research Laboratory

Central Research Laboratory (CRL) is an innovative accelerator and co-working space supporting product-focused entrepreneurs at every stage of the creation of their business, from concept to development, through to prototyping, manufacture and beyond. Located in the Old Vinyl Factory in West London, once the home of EMI Records, we’re proud to carry on the site’s legacy for designing and producing world-leading technologies and products.

Supported by regeneration specialists U+I, Brunel University, HEFCE and ERDF we work with innovative startups to create high-tech jobs and economic growth.

Who we are -

We are a team of experienced individuals from a variety of backgrounds - business development, marketing, design, manufacturing and policy - using our combined skills to support entrepreneurs through their product design journey.

What we offer –

-t24/7 co-working space
-tAccess to specialist equipment to prototype your product
-tOnsite expert prototyping technician
-tCrowdfunding strategy and training

CRL's Accelerator programme -

-tAll-encompassing Accelerator programme that offers guidance at each stage of product and business development
-t£5,000 start-up grant
-tTrip to Shenzhen to meet with manufacturing partners
-tMentorship from industry leaders

How we are different –

We offer a tailored experience for entrepreneurs taking part in our Accelerator programme and to those using our co-working space. Our prototyping workshop, mentoring programme, workspace and in-house expertise have been designed specifically to support the unique demands of physical product businesses.

To find out more about our Accelerator programme here: https://www.centralresearchlaboratory.com/accelerator/

To understand what our innovative co-working space can offer, see here: https://www.centralresearchlaboratory.com/coworking/

Behind the scenes