Careers at CENTURY Tech

CENTURY Tech is a cloud-based platform that uses a unique blend of Cognitive Neuroscience, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence to provide each learner with a personalised learner path.

At present, education adopts a one-size-fits-all approach to learning, which leaves many children feeling uninspired, demotivated and unable to succeed and achieve. With teachers’ workload increasing, they have little time to change this problem. CENTURY Tech is the solution.

The platform enables students to take control of their own learning and supports them in achieving an education that challenges, motivates, and most importantly, understands their individual needs. CENTURY is able to intelligently recognise how students using the platform learn, then offer information by adapting to the way that they understand and prefer. CENTURY creates a learning path as unique as each pupil and, in doing so, improves engagement and attainment.

Behind the scenes