Careers at Chalkboard

Local businesses feel left behind by technology. And yet, 40-55% of total monthly household budgets are spent locally, and the average person visits 7 local businesses a month. Chalkboard makes simple tools that make local businesses convenient to work with, driving more customers through their door.

We are taking the same technology that is transforming enterprise, simplifying it, making it truly mobile-first, and putting it in the hands of deserving local business heroes.

Chalkboard has ambitions to become a global multi-billion pound business and a leader in our space. But right now, we’re a small team with solid seed-stage funding, a promising mission, and a plan.

At Chalkboard, we believe in empowering our team to do their best work in a way that suits them. We’re a small but highly experienced team who know the startup space well and are dedicated to creating a culture that fosters curiosity, independence, simplicity and collaboration.

Behind the scenes