Careers at Chineasy

Chineasy is the natural first step for anyone who wants to understand China, Chinese culture, and its language. Its mission is to bridge the gaps between the East and the West by breaking down the Great Wall of Chinese language.

Chineasy is created by ShaoLan - an entrepreneur, geek, writer, traveler, and dreamer.

Started in 2013 with its award-winning methodology that revolutionised how people learn Chinese, Chineasy launched a 7-minute daily podcast Talk Chineasy in 2017. In June 2017, we launched Chineasy Tiles, our new invention, that has turned Chineasy’s iconic methodology into more than 20 games in one box that allows you to physically rearrange sturdy tiles and cards in high quality to make new words, phrases, sentences with lots of fun and laughter,

Behind the scenes