Careers at CitySwish

City Swish is a fabulous new provider of on-demand beauty massage and hair-dressing offering the highest quality services all done conveniently in your home. Our internationally qualified therapists bring everything needed and come straight to your door. Our bookings can all be completed online in 3 simple steps and we accept bookings from 10am until 11pm with as little as one hour's notice. With simple pricing (–à60/hour for massage –à45/hour for beauty) and amazing quality CitySwish is turning the industry upside down.

CitySwish's vision is to combine quality services with technology to become the massage beauty and hair provider of choice for today's modern fast-paced cities.


What is our culture like?

High energy! We LOVE our service and we are 100% dedicated to CitySwish. We're passionate about what we do, which means that the CitySwish office is a pretty high energy place - definitely not for the faint of heart! We have meals together and consider ourselves to be friends as well as colleagues. Openness and honesty are really important to us, so we're transparent about both the good and the bad! 

Also, we have a CitySwish puppy called Scura who is always around for cuddles and fun when you need a break from the work. 

We are also planning to install a big bell in our office...a ring for everytime you get a new customer!


Why are we exciting?

CitySwish allows Londoners to book themselves a manicure or a massage in seconds, from their mobile as little as an hour, someone shows up and gives them an incredible treatment! The on-demand space is a quickly moving and pretty exciting space in and of itself, but CitySwish adds a new concept and an incredibly motivated but fun team into the mix. 

Come and spend an hour in our offices getting to know us if you think you'd be a good addition to the team!

Behind the scenes