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We work to put people's expertise and lived experiences at the heart of decision-making to create a more humane world.

Creating a humane world requires systemic change and addressing wicked issues in many areas, we at Clever Together focus on projects that: - enable better physical and mental wellbeing for people throughout their lives, - create workplaces that are kind, positive, and adaptive, and - ensure that as technologies increasingly make decisions on our behalf, they are steered by deeper values and ethics.

This is how we operate our own business, and we only work with leaders who share our purpose and our focus, meeting them without judgement, wherever they are on their journeys.

Our vision is to become the organisation to which leaders turn when they want people or communities to have a real influence on issues that matter to them, and when they want to take personal responsibility for positive, humane impact. This requires leaders to embrace the collective intelligence and experience of those around them.

Our role is to be a partner to leaders to frame their wicked issues and opportunities, and to hold the space and time for them to:

explore - to build new collective understanding into their challenges, co-create - to build shared solutions, ownership, momentum and direction to better navigate complexity, challenge - to collectively test understanding and solutions with their people and networks, and ignite - to enable action for positive impact through advocacy, social movement, the deployment of new tools, and leadership mentoring.

We are proudly small and carefully growing. Right now, we are a team of 15 spread across the UK, France, and Bulgaria, working in a supportive, truly human culture of trust and autonomy where everyone is encouraged to be creative, explore their talents, and pursue new opportunities for the organisation.

Stats we are proud of

  • 100%

    of our projects are linked to furthering an important cause

  • 80%

    of our conversations give voice to underrepresented groups

  • 100%

    of staff paid well above average salary

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