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Common Seas is a social enterprise on a mission to quickly and significantly reduce the amount of plastic produced and stop it polluting our ocean. We are headquartered in the UK, with on-the-ground projects in Greece, the Maldives and Indonesia. We work across government, business and society to leverage change.

Our Mission & Vision

Common Seas gets out there to discover and explore challenges facing people and the sea.

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Common Seas believe in healthy seas for all. Their mission is to quickly and significantly reduce the amount of plastic polluting the oceans - something that is more crucial now than ever. A small but very mighty and influential team, they have been making a huge local and international impact through four key projects, which centre around research, education, and engagement with governments, corporations and schools. Their project work spans Greece, the Maldives and Indonesia and, with, consistently high scores across all 6 metrics, we're delighted to have this amazing not-for-profit as one of our top 100 in 2021.

Stats we are proud of

  • One

    Creating a global network of plastic waste-free islands

  • Two

    Researching health effects of breathing & eating plastic

  • Three

    Developed a model to help governments reduce plastic

  • Four

    Working to put plastic pollution on the school curriculum

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