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Community Oven

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Formed in 2015, Community Oven was started by Damien Pestell as a project aimed at bringing people together through food in the local community and reducing social isolation. 

Research has proven that Social isolation or loneliness can be more damaging to health than smoking. 

We believe that the advancement of our society through economic and technological growth has come at the cost of human happiness. Convenience and efficiency has removed our need for local interactions, and modern society has slowly eroded community spirit in towns and villages throughout the country. Over the past 50 years especially we have rapidly accelerated from a community to an individual focused society.

We deliver opportunities for people to come together in their communities through food-based events. We work with local people to tackle local issues by working with people who want to make an impact in their community.

Our food trucks deliver fantastic street food to the communities we operate in through weekly rounds, private events and local festivals which give us a platform and an audience to deliver our community projects.

Our Community projects are all aimed at connecting with different parts of our community and bringing people together through food. See this link for the correct images for each section

Behind the scenes