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Above all, we want to reach youth and prepare them for the real world, which needs people who are capable of solving problems, contributing their talents, and thinking critically. We also aim to help them be people who are able to work in teams, and who are adaptable, grateful and empathetic.At Coshool, we try to practice what we preach, so with think it is important that our team knows that Coschool is a business where each person and grow, express themselves and tell their emotional truths.We work with youth and educatorsIt’s time for education in Colombia to become a priority. To achieve this, we must accept that the traditional educational model needs to think about social-emotional learning, about preparing people for life, work and developing their full potential.Our methodology, EDUMOTION, has three components: FEEL, THINK, ACT. Learning through EDUMOTION is no only about using the brain; it encourages learning through feelings, sensations, action, self-exploration and learning from others.

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Coschool is on mission to support the socio-emotional development of young people so they can become agents of change capable of generating positive transformations in their communities. Operating in Colombia and Latin America, they bring their unique people-centric model of education to enrich the lives of thousands of young people, educators and educational institutions across LA. One thing is clear, not only does Coschool care enormously about their mission of supporting the development of young people and the communities they serve, but also they crucially apply the same care to the development of their team. Read through their team reviews and you'll find that consistently they're praised for supporting the personal and professional growth of the people who make Coschool the amazing organisation that it is. If you're looking to make a difference in the lives of young people while working with a team of peers who will help you to grow and thrive in your own life, look no further!

Stats we are proud of

  • 20000

    number of youth directly impacted since 2014

  • 7000

    number of teachers directly impacted since 2014

  • 5%

    Average improvement of social & emotional skills in teachers

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