Careers at Dalwyn

About us

Dalwyn is building a platform that will enable consumers and producers of natural gas to connect and transact directly with each other.

By combining industry experience and technical expertise, we are using artificial intelligence and automation to transform Europe’s gas market.

Our mission

We want to use technology to eliminate today's unnecessary friction costs in energy supply chains which are ultimately borne by the consumer. At Dalwyn, we help suppliers deliver their products to market more efficiently by using AI and automation.

A new mind-set for tomorrow’s gas market

Today’s gas producers are focussed on efficient, value adding operations to best serve their customers. The sheer volume of data they handle to deliver gas from fields to market, and the speed at which they do so require multiple business functions to perform in a coordinated, consistent manner.

By bringing these functions together through Dalwyn's platform, businesses benefit from:

  • Accurate, clean and synchronised data for better decision making
  • Real time transactions and operations
  • Lowered IT maintenance costs and simplified system upgrades

Behind the scenes