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Dayan & Webb

Careers at Dayan & Webb

Faye Dayan and Amy Webb share a love of great ingredients, thoughtful cooking and creative presentation.

They founded Dayan & Webb with one simple mission: To make it easy to order sophisticated and delicious choices for team meetings and corporate events.

After working in corporate environments themselves (and being thoroughly disappointed by what was on offer), they met at Le Cordon Bleu chef academy, London. Our team have collective restaurant experience in some of the best restaurants in the city including the Modern Pantry and St. John.

Our Philosophy 
Good food at work fuels productivity.

Our Mentality
If you want to create an incredible product work with incredible people. This goes for our suppliers, the DW team & our sales partners.

What We Want to Achieve
Seek to amaze, give more than expected and be better than the crowd.

Behind the scenes