Design Studio 31

Design Studio 31

Careers at Design Studio 31

Studio 31 - a team of passionate individuals with fiery avidity to create the purest form of craft that art forms like photography and filmmaking deserves. We love everything there is to capture about Indian Weddings - the colors, the chaos, the lighting, the laughter and of course, the love.

Our team ensures that every frame created is filled with novelty, beauty, yet retains the intricacies of authenticity of the subjects in it. We create spectacular candid wedding experiences for our clients time after time, and receive gratification from seeing our works adorn your house walls.

Studio 31 takes pride in being one of India’s finest and biggest wedding photography companies, and keep our noses to the grindstone to deliver 300 plus incredible weddings a year. When our love for weddings joins forces with our passion for the transformative power of art forms, we truly believe magic happens.

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