Careers at Dissideo

We are pioneering the future of care environments for older people, creating the first operator to successfully combine community, home and technology. This will create a space where people actually want to live, work and visit; and will offer benefits to the wider community whilst harnessing the power of technology to create a scalable data driven business.

Our aim to change the way we think about ageing, by connecting generations and allowing even the most dependant in society to choose the way they live. 

Dissideo was originally born as a consultancy to support care providers in the UK to modernise practices and consider a more holistic view of the people who lived with them. The aim was to travel the world, find knowledge of how people were offering exceptional care and bring those lessons back to the people we were consulting.

This began with a year-long change management programme with Melrose Care Home in West Sussex. During this period, we instigated new well-being practices, developed ownership amongst the team and utilised new technologies to support the change. This was momentous for the people involved, with several staff claiming that the home ‘feels like a totally different place’ than when we started.

However, from this work we discovered some serious difficulties that affect the sector when it comes to innovating. Firstly, the infrastructure of nursing homes today do not provide a positive environment in which to live and are limiting as a basis for flexibility. Secondly, a common complaint by those in care is loneliness or purposelessness. Which unarguably cannot be remedied by living in a home which is isolated, out of town and disconnected from society.

From this realisation, the need for Dissideo became clear. To provide real homes for people where they would choose how to live whilst integrating these into society to provide a meaningful existence.

We have been going for over a year now, currently raising money and finding communities to work with on building these homes and centres. Our team is small, it's Hannah (Co-Founder), Harriett (Ops & Marketing Exec) and Louise (Shareholder & Director). We have an amazing advisory board who we work closely with and share an office with another fab start up in London Bridge.

Stats we are proud of

  • 10

    homes in 10 years

  • 1000

    employees by 2031

  • 700

    residents living with us in 2031

  • 10

    communities connected by 2031

Behind the scenes