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The revolution in teaching evidence!

Academic timelines for pupils with photos, video and documents. Connecting teachers and parents and keeping Ofsted happy.

Throughout the day there are moments of achievement by pupils which normally go unrecorded but can easily be captured in photos or video or scanned documents. This happens more and more in schools but the problem then is storing, organising and presenting this information effectively, without putting in lots of extra hours.

Using the Earwig application, they can easily be allocated to pupils, classes, groups and subjects. They can then be displayed as a timeline for...

The Pupil and Parents
A wonderful way to engage parents throughout the term, with no extra effort from teachers or assistants. This enables interaction between pupil and parent which improves pupil motivation.

The Subject or Class
Enabling teachers to evaluate the progress of their subject or class and to demonstrate this to school management and Ofsted.

The Teacher
Each teacher’s timeline is a record of their personal success, which can be viewed by school management, future employers and other authorities. It also stands as a permanent record of their teaching career and professional achievement.


1) A permanent and vivid record of achievement throughout the school.
2) Happy teachers and happy parents
3) Engaged parents means higher pupil motivation

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