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EAT GRUB is a boundary-breaking new sustainable food brand that aims to revolutionise Western food culture by introducing insects as a staple part of it.
Insects are a tasty and highly nutritious source of food and with our diverse range of delicious products as well as pop-ups cookbooks and collaborations we are here to help introduce anyone to the joys of insect eating (or entomophagy to those in know).

About us

Started by friends Shami and Neil, EAT GRUB'S passion is to encourage people to embrace insects as a sustainable, nutritious and above all tasty source of food.

Shami first discovered roasted termites while working for a water charity in Malawi. Seeing the excitement of a whole community gathering termites at the beginning of the rainy season and their delicious taste was enough to convince him that introducing edible insects in the UK was worth a go.

Neil comes from a background in TV, working on a variety of food programs and was inspired to begin trying new foods after being diagnosed with Crohn's disease. Being highly nutritious and low in complex fats, insects are great for sufferers of the condition.

After chatting at a party Shami and Neil hatched a plan to break boundaries and shatter Western stigma towards eating insects and EAT GRUB was born.

Starting small with a series of well received pop-ups serving insect-based dishes, EAT GRUB quickly gained media attention and a devoted following. Not wasting any time at all they quickly followed up with a cookbook and range of freeze dried, ready- to-cook insects and are continuing to move forward with their cricket powder energy bars and roasted grub snacks.

EAT GRUB are currently setting out on an exciting next phase, gearing up to share the joys of this delicious superfood with even more people in the UK.

Behind the scenes