Careers at Eatupp

Eatupp is a food delivery service delivering breakfast and lunch to busy Londoners.


About us

Eatupp is a new food delivery company delivering hot, fresh breakfasts and lunches to offices in London. Eatupp’s mission is to bring good food to busy Londoners for the meals that matter the most. We firmly believe that there shouldn’t be a choice between having a busy lifestyle and eating good, fresh food. In fact, we believe that the two should complement each other. 

Why are we exciting?

We're changing the way people eat lunch at work. We want to offer healthy, affordable and tasty meals so forget about cold, pre-packed sandwiches and say hello to a brave new world of delicious food delivered to your desk. We deliver your breakfast or lunch in under 30 mins so you can get on with whatever you were doing and leave the rest to us.

Behind the scenes