EAWA Enhancing the lives of Older People and their Carers

EAWA Enhancing the lives of Older People and their Carers

Careers at EAWA Enhancing the lives of Older People and their Carers

EAWA is a registered charity that provides services in the Health and Social Care Field.  We were established in 1998.  Our Mission is: To support, empower, and enrich the lives of Older Members in the Community. Our Vision is: To be a trusted and valued First Choice Provider of Inclusive services that creates an inspiring, positive, impact in the community. Our Objectives are: To alleviate isolation, we:

Deliver appropriate facilities with qualified staff. Deliver leisure activities and recreational pursuits. Deliver educational activities that improve access to information and learning. Deliver activities which promote health, well-being and improve quality of life.

Through the provision of our services, we seek to enhance the lives of elderly people/the local community and their carers/families within the London Borough of Enfield and surrounding Boroughs who have need for such facilities by reason of age, infirmity, disablement or social isolation.  The services that EAWA provides are:   1.A High Need Day Care Centre for Asian Elderly people.    The day centre has a mix of clients challenged with Dementia, Stroke, and other complex needs.     EAWA’s core offer, is providing its service users with health-based activities that are tailored for disability and ageing, like:  

Chair-based Yoga / Tai chi / Dance,    Health talks / Clinics from medical volunteers,    Health workshops    Complementary therapies (Indian head massage, reflexology).     A delicious hot vegetarian lunch   Leisure activities like flower arranging, outings, and celebration of Festivals/Birthdays.    Transport both ways: managed by EAWA  

   This service has the additional benefit of providing:  

An opportunity for local people the chance to meet each other, make new friends and extend their network.     Our clients’ carers a respite and a break from daily caring for their elderly   Our clients the opportunity to express their personalities, engage in conversations beyond their  daily routines. 

 2. A number of non-Asian specific services for FREE - details are on the EAWA website.  a. Better Health for the 50 plus project which provides a series of workshops to improve health.   b. EAWA provides a 50 plus Zoom Chair Yoga session with Social Interaction. c.  EAWA provides an Online and Town Social Hub Project. We also offer Telephone Befriending. 4.Historically EAWA has run many projects that are non- Asian centric.  Within the Enfield Borough, EAWA has undertaken:  

Hospital intervention Project for carers of older people, involving 2 Hospitals and Social Services   Falls Prevention Project with Age UK Enfield   

The Winter parcels project for those in need   Monthly complementary therapy service  And Much More  

EAWA is ISO9001 accredited and has been for over a decade. We believe that older people deserve to be supported by a Quality Organisation.   EAWA had been Investors in People accredited for 9 years and have imbedded systems to ensure high quality standards.   EAWA has a dedicated team that is fully committed to the welfare and wellbeing of its clients.   EAWA believes in Strong Values, High Quality and encourages dialogue at all levels so that there is Ownership, Responsibility and Continuous Improvement in how its work is shaped.      

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