Careers at Ecosphere+

Ecosphere+ is a mission-driven company that helps businesses create and implement nature-based solutions to enable them to succeed in a world aligned with global climate and development goals.

As part of the impact investment Althelia Climate Fund, Ecosphere+ brings to market the largest portfolio of forest conservation projects in the world, generating verified carbon credits and measurable sustainable development impacts. 

These carbon credits are part of a growing natural asset class at least as important as renewables in the fight to slow climate change by reducing carbon dioxide emissions, and vital to achieving the Paris Agreement goals.

Integrating Ecosphere+ verified, nature-based carbon credits into your core business is a simple, genuine and cost-effective way to be part of the solution to climate change, demonstrating to your customers and employees that you go beyond what is expected, in order to leave the planet in a better state than you found it.

We have a number of innovative business solutions that can be tailored to large corporations as well as SMEs. We also have a free, easy-to-use carbon calculator which makes it very simple to rebalance your organisation's carbon footprint.

Behind the scenes