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We’re on a mission to make education affordable. Join us. EdAid is an FCA authorized platform that partners with educators to drive student enrollment, increase retention, and diversify revenue, while lowering costs for students. We do this through EdAid Payment Plans.

Operating globally, we are changing the way education is financed; in turn, increasing access and improving outcomes.

We partner directly with schools to defer tuition payment until after students graduate and start earning, or by spreading the cost of tuition for students into small, affordable payments whilst studying. For educators, EdAid provides the legal, regulatory, and customer support to make deferred payments easy, from the time of origination until tuition has been fully paid. For students, we’re the human face of education financing.

We offer two models of Deferred Tuition: Income Based Payments Payments are set as a percentage of gross income (for example, 10%) with zero interest. Payments pause without penalty if income falls below a minimum income threshold.

Flexible Payment Plans Payments are spread over an extended period (for example, over 24 months) with zero interest. Increase access by lowering upfront costs for students.

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EdAid are a social enterprise making education affordable. They use an innovative system which means students only pay for their education once they're earning over a certain threshold, and it's interest-free. This makes higher education more accessible to underrepresented students. The team is dynamic and focused, and truly driven by their mission. Their focus on creating real value for students and educators is what placed them in the Escape 100 2021.

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