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Edison Telecommunications is a new revolutionary telecoms provider redefining the relationship business customers have with their telecommunications provider.

2014 has been a breakthrough year for the organisation. In our first year of trading we were secured the British Paralympics Association as one of key marquee accounts.

Our core product offering has been in and around the rugby network and we actively support various teams and events in the 7s version of the game most notably the Valentine 7s the only Women's Only rugby event and 2015's inaugural European Club 7s Championships.

All of our service is backed up by working with our wholesale partners BT 02 Vodafone Talk Talk and Gamma Telecom.

About us

We are a very young, fairly dynamic orgainsation, playing in a big boys world. We compete by not playing by the rules, and never meeting industry standards. Why? Put simply because the standards are to low and the relationships that most telecoms sales people have with their clients is that ofcommodity sales person. Every single client of ours will give yopu a different reason why they joined us. 

It is down to us as indiividual people and how we treat our customers. We are honest, open and always look to maintain our relationship with the client, beyond the exchange of contracts. It is ususal for us to be in touch with our existing client base at least once a month because we value the relationships and we are business partners NOT commodity brokers.

This approach has one us clients like the British Paralympic Assocation who were previously a Vodafone client. They are still technically on the Vodafone network, however through our service. This move saved them over £2,000 a month. We pride ourselves on being able to get the best offers for our client without compromising the quality of service we are providing them.

Based out of Croydon, we operate in Greater London with the bulk of our clients actually based in the Shoreditch area.

The company has strong links with the rugby community and sponsors several teams and both the Valentine 7s (only Women's Only rugby 7s festival and the European Club 7s Championships and we intend to continue our support of the sport.

The company was founded out of a incubator organisation specialising in niche markets. On January 1st 2014 the company succesfully transitioned out of the incubator into becoming a fully fledged profit making organsiation. Chris Callaway, both Founder and Managing Director is actively involved in the business on a daily basis ensuring that the high customer service standards are me.

What can we offer Escapees?

Here at Edison we value family and the time a person can spend with them. We also understand that this requires a flexible working environement that allows both the business to get what it needs from our staff, and our staff to get what they need from their families. In traditional businesses this is often seen as a clash of interests and the requirment is often made for the employee to sacrifice their family life for their work life. We believe that a happy work life starts with a good balance between home and work. So long as the business targets / objectives are being met we can offer as flexible and environement as needed, whether it be more time working from home, later or earlier finishes, we want our staff to be truly satisfied in their lives working for us.

We see this as being one of the leading requirments of professionals today and we have all the tools to enable our staff to have that balance. We also have a series of other incentives that allow staff to take additional time off as well as taking part in company trips.

Why are we exciting?

Firstly we aren't like the big boys, we don't wear suits and act as commodity brokers. We wear jeans and act as business partners. Today's Telecoms sales reps have forgotten that businesses need a telecoms service. It is the life blood of business and we at Edison want to have a relationship with our customers the leverages that reality. We embrace the value of networking and all the aspects that that involves. We were closely with referral partners and we always work to ensure that we provide them with suitable business leads as well. 

2015 represents a big year in the next stage of our growth. We have set ourselves some high growth objectives and we are also planning a significant event program to help support the development of new leads coming into the business. In February we will be launching the first of our telecoms seminars, which act as an advisory service to businesses looking to understand more about their telecoms options. And in March we begin the process of attending several business related shows which include office*, The Business Show, The Business Start Up Show, and several others. These represent significant growth targets for our business and we are planning for a very big year and one that we are looking for people to be a part of.

Behind the scenes