Careers at Edrington

What can we offer Escapees?

The quality of life and standard of living that you can have and afford in Glasgow is significantly better than in London. However, not everyone wants to leave the global brands and career opportunities that London can offer.

We believe that you can have both working at Edrington! We have a truly global reach with global opportunities, working with established global brands. In addition to this we are focused on investing in our people and their development, offering them opportunities across our organisation to further their career or learn new skills.


What is our culture like?

We remain a privately owned organisation with our global head quarters in Scotland. Our history dates back to the 1800s and we are very proud of our heritage as well as the quality of our products.

We look after our staff, give back to the community (via the Robertson Trust which was established to protect our independance as a private company) and truly help people in their careers. Not only do we look after our staff now and into the future we have created an environment where the people in our business are truly passionate about the organisation and the brands.


Why are we exciting?

We've still got so much that we can achieve as an organisation and there are lots of global opportunities that we've not yet maximised. Bringing top talent into our organisation will absolutely help us to realise our potential while helping our people achieve theirs!

Behind the scenes