Careers at Edulution

Our innovative, accountable coaches facilitate active, self-paced, mastery learning in a supported and fun environment enabled by some cutting-edge technology that delivers engaging content whilst measuring and feeding back on the progress of each learner.

We are reaching thousands of children from families earning less than $2 a day in inner-city townships and remote rural areas off the grid.

Our learners engage in active, self-paced, mastery learning in a supported environment which can be up to 5 times more effective than traditional teaching methods. Our learners are nurtured from being dependent to self-directed, further enhancing effectiveness and empowerment. We track, measure and analyse our learners' activity and assess their progress over time.

Our coaches with their Mobile Learning Centres (a backpack of tablets, cutting edge technology loaded with great content) facilitate effective extra-tuition learning just about anywhere, anytime. Their earnings are based on actual learner activity and progress.

Our training process focuses on nurturing self-belief to unleash purpose led innovative, accountable coaches. Importantly, we select our coaches from the local community wherever possible.

The coaches are supported by our hub of mentoring and technical experts who give training, accreditation, tech support, data analytics, monitoring & evaluation, reporting and career management.

As coaches gain accreditation and a proven track record, they earn more money, manage and train new coaches and centres.

Behind the scenes

Team makeup

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