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You know, it really gets us cross when we go to organisations and they tell us some of the work they’ve had consultants doing for them. What is it? As soon as you decide to go freelance you have to start speaking a foreign language? It’s all about producing a nice smart looking document, with lots of diagrams and acronyms and then leaving the client to get on with it.

Elephant Creative was set up in 2004 to draw a line in the sand and to do things rather differently. Yes, there was a need for marketing and business development consultancy… but it didn’t seem to come in a plain English, common-sense format.

Elephant Creative is a network of marketing, PR and business experts, specialising in the professional services and education sectors. Working in both the UK and USA, every associate is chosen because they are a genuine expert in what they do and have a totally practical approach to doing it. We don’t want you to think of us as consultants… we're all a part of your organisation.

• Corporate communications and thought leadership

• Employee engagement and culture change

• Campaign creation and implementation

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