Emily Fruit Crisps Limited

Emily Fruit Crisps Limited

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Emily Crisps are a range of fantastically flavoursome properly crisp and crunchy real fruit & vegetable snacks. Our snacks are low in calories and full to bursting with load of lovely healthy stuff found in fruit & veggies like nutrients fibre vitamin minerals & antioxidants.

Emily Crisps, a new UK start-up that focuses on good eating without compromises. Our goal is simple: to change the way people eat for the better, and most importantly, the tastier.

Because of the innovative way our fruits are cooked, they retain all the mouthwatering flavour and feel-good vitamins, nutrients and fibre of the fruit, while delivering an unbelievably delicious, properly crisp and crunchy snack.

We are gluten free, kosher certified and free from all additives and preservatives.


Why are we exciting?

We want to everyone to discover healthier and exciting snacks! Emily Crisps focuses on good eating without compromise; an innovative snack that's 1 of your 5 a day and tastes delicious.

Behind the scenes