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Who We Help (Our Beneficiaries): At the heart of enABLE Foundation's mission are the individuals living with dementia in South Africa and the United Kingdom. But our reach doesn't stop there. We extend our support to the caregivers, families, and communities intertwined in the lives of those affected by dementia. Our beneficiaries encompass:

Individuals diagnosed with dementia at all stages. Families and friends of those living with dementia, guiding them through their journey. Both professional and non-professional caregivers play a pivotal role in providing care and support. Broader communities seek to understand better and integrate dementia care into their surroundings.

How We Help (Our Services): Our approach is holistic, combining education, advocacy, research, and direct support:

Education & Advocacy: We foster a greater understanding of dementia, its prevention, and its implications, shaping a more informed society. We also champion the rights and needs of those with dementia at policy-making and societal levels.

Research: Remaining at the forefront of dementia research, we ensure that the latest scientific findings back our strategies and recommendations. This research-based practice underlines our commitment to excellence in dementia care.

Direct Support: Through our extensive network, we connect individuals and families with dementia advisors, therapeutic groups, post-diagnostic courses, private assistance, and counselling services tailored to empower and support them throughout their journey.

Training & Consultancy: We offer specialized training programs and consultancy services, imparting knowledge and skills that can transform dementia care across various sectors.

Why Our Help Matters (Our Impact): The realm of dementia is not just a medical challenge; it's a social, emotional, and communal one. By addressing these layers:

We provide a lifeline to those feeling isolated or overwhelmed by a dementia diagnosis, ensuring they don't journey alone.

We reshape societal perceptions, replacing stigma with understanding and empathy, cultivating environments where people with dementia are treated with dignity and respect.

We equip caregivers with tools and knowledge, amplifying the quality of care they provide.

Through advocacy, we influence policies ensuring that dementia care gets the attention and resources it deserves.

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