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Company Background

Entrepreneurial Spark build great people who build great businesses to drive growth that benefits everybody. We do this by developing the mindsets and behaviours of entrepreneurs, which is a method proven with over 10,000 participants globally. We help people to overcome barriers both personally and professionally to achieve their goals and ambitions.

How do we do this?

We run accelerator programmes globally, both ourselves and in partnership with others. As well as supporting entrepreneurs, our focus is to build communities of like-minded collaborative people.


- We believe that opening up entrepreneurial insights and knowledge has the potential to impact exponentially our global economies and societies.

- We believe that entrepreneurs can reach their greatest potential when equipped with knowledge, insight and support both for their business and their own personal mindset.

- We believe everyone has the opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial mindset and apply this to their future/chosen path.

- We believe that having the right mindset in whatever you do, underpins any future action, decision making and behaviours. A strong mindset leads to bold action.

We run a number of accelerators including; the UK Space Agency Accelerator, Ignite Bermuda Accelerator and Entrepreneurial Spark’s Evolve Accelerator. To add to our Accelerator family, we will be running an additional accelerator from January, the UK Space Agency Fusion Programme. This exciting news means we can grow our team and we are therefore looking for an energetic, intuitive community manager and coach to establish and deliver our new Evolve programmes.

Behind the scenes