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Eppik brings old photo albums back to life. We digitise and store them so you can reprint copies or share them electronically with friends and family. Each picture in each album on eppik can be shared and printed individually too.


About us

Welcome to Eppik! We are a team of software engineers, photographers, designers, entrepreneurs and young parents! Our goal is to digitise your family albums so you can safeguard your family stories for generations to come.

I founded Eppik after failing to find the right service to digitise and share my parents' photo albums. As a young father I feel I want to transmit our family stories to the next generation but didn't have access to those albums. We don't live in the same house, city or indeed country as our parents anymore. Also who will inherit these albums? I have two brothers and a sister. My situation is far from unique and I therefore set out to build a company that can digitise the albums, store and share them online and print additional copies. I had previously spent 11 years in investment banking (structured finance if you really want to know!) in London.  

Digitising albums is complex, but we have developed a process and technology to make it cost effective and simple. We combine the processing power of modern high-end professional medium format camera sensors with over 50 megapixels and a proprietary picture detection algorithm to recreate your album in electronic format. What you get is an online copy of your album and the ability to print, add information and share whole albums or individual pictures. We also have a framing service where you can enlarge and frame your old pictures and a shop where you can buy high end customised products.

The platform has been developed over the last 12 months and we are now approaching launch.

Alban Mackay

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