Escape3points Ecolodge

Escape3points Ecolodge

Careers at Escape3points Ecolodge

Escape3points is the eco lodge located in Cape Three Points which is located at the closest land point to the center of the world. The lodge has various accommodations a bar and restaurant and attracts a wide variety of visitors from backpackers young couples surfers and families. Everything we do follows our beliefs of having a smaller footprint. We have built everything by hand out of earth bamboo raffia reject timber and recycled materials. We run only on solar power and our composting toilets feed back into our organic farm. We are nested between a long stretch of pristine beach where sea turtles nest and humpback whales pass by and behind us is the last coastal forest possibly in all of West Africa.


Why are we exciting?

Escape3points is a CATALYST for positive change in the world. We do not think that we alone can change the world. We simply want to do our best to bring together many different IDEAS from around the world to build a place that’s SUSTAINABLE on all levels; that leaves a SMALL FOOTPRINT in the world; and that can set an EXAMPLE for others to follow. We aim to do this by creating examples of alternative incomes through RESPONSIBLE tourism, ALTERNATIVE low cost building methods, natural fertilizers, renewable energy sources, alternatives to sanitation, etc. Through these initiatives, a relationship of LEARNING is formed between those in the COMMUNITY and those coming from outside. A BALANCE can be sought that will meet the needs of the people while PROTECTING endangered species of plants and animals.

Behind the scenes