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Energy independent and congestion free by 2025 - Exeter's future begins today...

An increasing population and an expanding travel to work region is attracting more commuters from across Devon, and putting a significant strain on the Exeter's roads, energy resources and the well-being of its citizens.

Exeter’s challenge is to find solutions to reduce energy consumption and remove congestion in the face of an increasing population with roads which are already at maximum capacity.

In light of this, Exeter City Futures – in partnership with Exeter City Council - has set a bold goal to make the region congestion free and energy independent by 2025.

A project like this can only work if we build in the views and ideas of the people who live and work in Greater Exeter. It’s time to put our heads together and turn that potent set of opportunities into a dynamic blueprint, first for Exeter, then other cities in the UK and across the globe.

The Exeter City Futures community includes citizens, commuters, businesses, entrepreneurs, thinkers, educators, young people, local and regional authorities – working together to innovate and transform Exeter into a world-leading sustainable city. You can be part of this.

Together we can make a huge impact on Exeter's future.


We want to connect with radical entrepreneurs who want to make a genuine and sustainable difference to transport and energy use in Exeter.

Exeter City Futures 15 week accelerator will show innovators, start-ups and entrepreneurs how our city operates, introduce to people and customers, plus we will support with accessing the latest data and analysis and champion ideas to help develop sustainable, impactful solutions that work, not only in Exeter, across the globe.

For more details on all of our challenges please visit: https://www.exetercityfutures.com/challenges/

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