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Recently the United Nations reworked its Millennium goals into the new Sustainable Development Goals which now has 17 targets and topics with the ambition of eliminating absolute poverty by 2030. As one of those who will play a part in striving for this ambition, I am forming an organisation of highly qualified and seasoned professional researchers supported by the very best young graduates that want to focus on helping research ways to eradicate extreme poverty, in the UK, Europe and Globally.

We can offer the full range of research services covering qualitative and quantitative methods, research design, report writing, literature review and presentations. A brief can be followed or research can be designed to suit our clients' needs.

Although the Research Organisations focus is primarily on poverty, it will contnually encompass experts that can support your work around housing, health and social care, education and economic development, with new specialisms added to the ´research skills bank´ monthly, relishing the opportunity to challenge a new issue. Not just a practical, but an analytical understanding of the issue can be implemented, focusing on the social or economic disadvantage and assist in effectuating a sustainable resolve.

Not only will passion and enthusiasm be infused into the work but this experience will be helping towards a bigger aspiration – developing a ´Think Tank´ that can contribute to setting the agenda for a world free of the scourge of absolute poverty.

If you are interested and would like further details please contact us:


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