Extract Coffee Roasters

Extract Coffee Roasters

Careers at Extract Coffee Roasters

Like all good ideas, we began with one simple mission; make coffee better. Make coffee as good as it can possibly be, even. We’re by no means the kind of trumpet blowers who would admit to already achieving this kind of impossible feat. But, with more knowledge, passion, and great sourcing, we find better coffees, roast them better, and ultimately brew better. It is an unending endeavour, and one we love being a part of.

Nine years ago, we started our journey in the most humble of roasteries, our garden shed. As we have grown over the years, our roastery has moved twice. We are currently based deep in the heart of Bristol, a city we are proud to call home.

The roastery is home to the workhorses of our business, our roasters. From our 5kg Ozturk ‘James’, through to our 120kg Probat ‘Bertha’, our head roaster and co-founder Dave knows these machines inside out, quite literally, as he has lovingly brought each one back to life through a series of restoration projects. It is this level of care and attention to every aspect of our craft that we believe sets us apart from the rest.

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