Careers at FairPlay


FairPlay was set up by a small group of musicians who were sick and tired of being exploited by the current streaming paradigm. We decided that, instead of just complaining and taking our tracks off Spotify and Apple Music, we could work to change the system into one which supports artists fairly, and gratifies fans with the knowledge that they're able to financial back their favourite musicians with no middle-man taking a cut!

And so, that's what we've set up!

How does is work?

  1. Musicians create their own profile, upload tracks, create playlists and add images - all for free!
  2. Users sign up to either a Bronze, Silver or Gold monthly subscription.
  3. Users can then browse their favourite genres, search for artists or albums and even create playlists.
  4. Users then enjoy HQ music, spending one cent (US) for each track they play.
  5. Artists receive are paid one cent from every single play of one of their tracks!

Our Mission & Vision

A music streaming service which works for both fans and artists.

Behind the scenes