Family Mediation Council

Family Mediation Council

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The Family Mediation Council (FMC) was set up in 2007 with the aim of harmonising standards for family mediation in England and Wales. It brings together the five national family mediation organisations: College of Mediators, Family Mediators Association, The Law Society, National Family Mediation, and Resolution.  The FMC’s aim is to promote, for the public benefit, assistance through mediation for adults and children who are affected by the breaking down of family relationships, and so

prevent and/or alleviate poverty, hardship and distress caused by the breakdown of family relationships;  safeguard and protect good health, both mental and physical; and  preserve and maintain family relationships. 

  It does this by:

providing a collaborative forum for those working in the field of family mediation and representing the views and interests of such professionals as well as those adults and children who benefit from family mediation;  developing and promoting professional standards for the training and practise of family mediation and the ensure adherence to and maintenance of such standards;  collating and providing advice and information on all aspects of family mediation;  developing, promoting, and providing education and training in the practice of family mediation;  advancing, promoting and carrying out study and research into family mediation and disseminating the useful results of such research; and  providing one unified body to make representations to government and other national interests and to promote family mediation to the media and others.   

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