Careers at farmhopping

farmhopping farmhopping bridges the gap between organic farms and city people. On our platform farmers can create and manage their own online storefront and sell to customers directly. Customers on the other hand can easily fill their basket with delicious goodies and receive one convenient delivery to their home or office!


About us

At farmhopping we are fed up with big supermarkets shunning seasonal British food in favour of fruit and vegetables air-freighted from thousands of miles away.

We are fed up with big supermarkets squeezing small producers out of the market!

We are fed up with farmers being paid low prices while big food processors and supermarkets pile their profits! And most of all we are fed up with not knowing what we are eating, where our food is coming from and how our food is made.

This is why we have raised our middle finger to the Food Industry!

farmhopping is tidying up the supply chain, by putting affordable, high quality food on your table and paying the farmers what they deserve!


What is our culture like?

We are an energetic, committed and driven team which prides itself in getting things done, but also likes to take a day off and go surfing on a windy day or go skiing when there is some great pow!

Behind the scenes