Finca Las Nubes

Finca Las Nubes

Careers at Finca Las Nubes

Finca Las Nubes is an intentional community on 400 acres overlooking the Pacific. We are here to give back. Our goals are to be organic socially responsible and self sustainable and help others do the same. We have planted 100000 precious hardwoods to preserve the watershed and provide habitat for wildlife. We have a mill wood shop gardens orchards chickens goats cows horses skate park store an international school etc. Everything is made here on the farm. We also have 8 large villas some of which are run as an all-inclusive family vacation venue.


Our values

Finca Las Nubes is a project based on participation without profit. The intent is to live a sustainable lifestyle in partnership with the local community and preserve nature for future generations.

We believe that ownership is responsibility, not a right, and intend to be example stewards of the land. We are against development that deforests the land and displaces local people – we plant trees, grow food, hire and train local people and manage the environment using natural technologies. We think preservation and reforestation are a priority to creating an abundant future.

Real Working Farm

Our farm features hundreds of acres of indigenous forest which was enhanced by planting thousands of precious hardwood trees. The wildlife here is healthy and protected within it. We have orchards and created an organic vegetable garden to reduce our dependence on commercial processes – we try to imitate nature – our energy comes from the wind and sun and our food from the ground.

Behind the scenes