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Fire Hazard Games

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We make high-energy real-life games that are easy to play and hard to forget.


Our values


Move fast. Be big, loud, dramatic and decisive. Avoid delays. Keep the energy high.

Break links in dependency chains - if you need X before you can do Y, see if there's a way to do Y without X. Use live comms (phone, slack, meetings) rather than email. For big decisions, run it past everyone, but don't wait more than a day or two.

Work on a small number of things at once. Be clear on when you're working and when you're not. Ask "can we finish this today? If not, what would need to change so that we can?"


We're the good guys. If this was a western, we'd be wearing the white hats.

Do right by people - players, venues, suppliers, passers-by, and most importantly crew.

Do things that encourage repeat players, that help people run games of their own, and that make the scene stronger. We don't really have competitors, just friends in the same tiny industry.


We are doing this for fun.

Tedious work should be designed away or automated if at all possible.

Don't soldier on in silence. If it's no fun, fix it or raise it.

Be generally upbeat. Look on the bright side. See the best in people.


What is our culture like?

We move fast. "That's a good idea" to "we're selling tickets for a playtest" might be a week or less. We don't wait for anyone or anything. Go, go, go!

We see the best in everyone. We try to be friends with everyone in our industry. We don't really believe in "competitors".

We see the best in each other. When things go wrong, we blame processes, not people. Then we fix the processes.

We look after each other. We're doing this for fun, and that's more important than anything - including financial success.

We're constantly learning and creating new things. Whether it's freeze-dried spiders or microcontrollers, we're always up to something new!


Why are we exciting?

We make life exciting! That's literally our product - and it means making life exciting for ourselves as well.

Each of our games starts with a crazy idea, often over beer. But unlike most pub banter, we then go on to actually build it. And then commercialise it. In the past we've built laser mazes, immersive spy experiences, cross-city chases, and a horror game in a darkened wood. 

While other fun startups might have a nerf-gun shootout as a distraction from work, for us the nerf-gun shootout is work.

Behind the scenes