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Mobilising mindsets for climate action

We help young people turn eco-anxiety into action, and work with leaders to drive intergenerational solutions.

Force of Nature was founded in 2019 by then 19-year-old Clover Hogan.

”At 16, I travelled to Paris for COP21. I went in with starry-eyed optimism that world leaders would solve this existential threat. Instead, I met people who were fluent in greenwash, making promises scheduled far enough into the future that they required no immediate action.

I was familiar with the anger and frustration that bubbled up within me, but never before had I felt… powerless. And looking at the people around me – anxious students, calculating policy-makers, cautious corporate leaders – I saw the same feelings reflected in their eyes, too.

At 19, I started Force of Nature with the mission to mobilise mindsets for climate action. Our team has since delivered programmes to thousands of young people, and moved decision-makers across business and policy.

We’re helping our community channel eco-anxiety into agency; develop the skills to make a difference; and inspire change at the systemic level.”

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