Careers at FotoDocument


FotoDocument is a unique not-for-profit arts education social enterprise that brings visibility to positive social and environmental initiatives around the world through visual story-telling. At FotoDocument we believe in the power of visual imagery as an effective communication tool to harness public attention and engage people in powerful storylines which create a sense of active global citizenship.

What we offer

FotoDocument commissions professional photographers to produce extended photo essays, FotoWork, focusing on positive social and environmental issues in order to inspire, engage and effect behaviour change in a large and diverse audience.

We receive photo essay commissions for our popular FotoStory service from businesses, NGOs and the public sector to enhance the visual storytelling aspects of social and environmental initiatives.

We provides routes for meaningful participation in our work through our FotoSchool workshop programme as well as through talks, events and competitions.

We run an ethical photography agency, FotoAgency, which reinvests its profits back into FotoDocument’s arts education work.

We facilitate the Marilyn Stafford FotoReportage Award, supported by Olympus, an annual Award for women photographers specialising in documentary photography with a focus on solutions.

Behind the scenes