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In the UK, family income is the strongest predictor of how well a young person will do at school and the future opportunities they will have. Young people from disadvantaged backgrounds miss out on the guidance, networks and opportunities readily afforded to their more privileged peers. This drives much of the inequality entrenched in our educational system.

Future Frontiers exists to change this.

We are an award-winning education charity with an innovative approach to tackling educational inequality in the UK. By partnering with schools and forward-thinking businesses, we provide young people with an intensive programme of face-to-face career coaching and opportunities to engage with relevant sector role models in the lead up to major crossroads in their education aged 16 and 18.

We work in pursuit of life-changing impact for the young people we serve.


Stats we are proud of

  • 1500

    Disadvantaged young people supported in 2020-21

  • £200k

    Value of Coutts charity partnership we secured for 2021-23

  • 80

    Business partners this year

  • £500k

    Business income target next year

Behind the scenes